VR The Future

When I first heard about VR (Virtual Reality) gaming, my curiosity was peaked although I still had the initial skepticism concerning if the tech of today was up to par to deliver an experience that could be classified as true VR. In fact, I didn’t even know what true VR was since I had never truly experienced it for myself.

Dispite being very intrigued by the concept early on, I didn’t buy into the Oculus Kickstarter and didn’t purchase a VR headset until much later when I finally settled for an Oculus Rift DK2 (Development Kit 2) which was still prior to the release of the consumer edition a lot of you are familar with today.


Nonetheless, I strapped it on and when I saw the Oculus Home screen for the first time I completely lost it. I had read so many initial reactions to VR before trying it myself, but the instant I was in it and immersed myself with my new surroundings I knew this was way more than a mere gimmick. This was the future. Not just for gaming either, it’s mind-boggling imagining the practical applications it could have in all kinds of different fields just by utilizing the technology in new and interesting ways. Plus, this is just the beginning. Imagine how much it can evolve with time. The consumer edition of the Oculus has touch controls which further add to the immersion of being in a separate reality, so imagine what nifty additions can be thought of and implemented with time.

More and more casual gamers are growing increasingly aware and interested in VR with time. Especially with the addition of the Vive and PSVR as competitors, it’s clear to see that VR is here to stay. 3DTV’s didn’t even have a chance. Not when you can physically be inside the world. It’s escapism on a whole new level. Trust me, you can’t determine this based on the clips you’ve seen on Youtube. This has to be experienced first-hand in order to truly know what it feels like.

I’ll be making quite a few entries concerning VR and my experiences within, but I thought I’d ease everyone in with my first one. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and stay tuned for updates!

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